Marilyn Manson – Eat Me Drink ME

marilyn manson

A Great Album and the latest from the band Marilyn manson, Once again the band takes a new route after the last album the golden age of grotesque in this album marilyn takes about his relationships but in a dark and gory atmosphere the album sold total to date: 789,000 copies

Album Songs :
1.If i Was your vampire (9/10) : one of the best songs on the album it’s so dark about a tragedy of a vampire who’s in love but his lover stabbed him

2.Putting holes in happiness (8.5/10) : The second single of the album it’s about leaving your past relationships and moving on maybe it’s about his marriage with dita awesome song

3.The red Carpet Grave (7/10) : A song about Dita again he’s saying she didn’t support him enough and that’s why he went to rachel wood ” Paradise isn’t lost It was hiding all along”

4.They said that hell’s not hot (8/10) : it’s about relationships where every partner sacrifices something for the other ” I kill myself in small amounts in each relationship it’s not about love” the music is musically great with a very nice solo

5.Just a car crash away (8.5/10) :A great song describing what he felt after his marriage he felt that his life is just a car crash away,The vocals of this song are amazing marilyn actually recorded this song lying on the floor of his lounge with a mic. hanged from the wall

6.Heart-shaped glasses (6.5/10) :the 1st single and a totally new sound for the band i guess it’s just OK it’s about evan rachel wood (little girl) and his new relationship which lead to his break-up with Dita

7.Evidence (9/10): my second favorite song on this album it’s about the excitement from a new relationship or maybe his hate to dita anyway it’s great

8.Are you the rabbit (7.5/10) :Alice in Wonderland he’s affected by his movie “phantasmagoria” the song about are you the killer (headlights) or the victim (Rabbit)

9.Mutilation is the most sincere form of flattery (4/10) : a lot of F*** you and cursing with no apparent reason he just wants to say he doesn’t like all the new bands who didn’t add anything to the music

10.You and me and the devil makes 3 (6.5/10) : a great song musically and vocally but the lyrics are about rape and murder maybe he’s talking about the society now it’s about violence and rape

11.Eat me Drink me (9.5/10): My favorite song on the whole album great music great vocals and maybe one of marilyn’s best work a lot of references to Alice in wonderland like in the red queen he also said that when he die he wants someone who loves him to eat him as a symbol of absolute love

second single “putting holes in happiness”:


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