Nightwish – Dark Passion play

Nightwish trying to regain their status again after they lost tarja the new vocalist Anette Olzon have a really similar voice to tarja i guess nightwish didn’t want to risk their popularity by changing the lead vocals so they brought a total copy of tarja’s vocals anyway the new album is good.
1.The Poet and the pendulum (7.5/10): Amazing vocals Anette shows off her abilities well in that track, great music but it’s too long it’s about tuomas and how he felt (keyboards & vocals)

2.Bye Bye Beautiful (8/10): (4th single) i love this song a lot toumas wrote this song for tarja when she left the band as a farewell when reading the lyrics it looks that toumas felt something for tarja also her husband said that toumas was jealous because tarja got married anyway it’s a very good song

3.Amaranth (6.5/10): (2nd single) it’s a pretty good song and i love the use of piano in it i don’t know why they released it as their second single

4.Cadence of her last breathe (8/10): one of the best songs in the album it’s a bit violent thought it’s about a girl who don’t know her life purpose she doesn’t know whether to live or die and she needs a miracle to change her self

5.Master passion greed (6/10): a really violent and aggressive track i guess it’s for tarja’s husband coz he took her from the band it’s not my favorite track

6.Eva (8.5/10): the first single it’s a slow pure song and the vocals helps so much it’s about a girl who is pure maybe Eve or most girls in general are brought to this world of evil and try to survive

7.Sahara (7/10): a song tells a tale of a philosopher who runs away with a queen then get cursed by a pharaoh not bad

8.Whoever brings the night (8/10): Awesome song great i like how the music goes with
Anette’s vocals also there’s a great solo the lyrics are strong but shows in somehow anger

9.For the heart I once had (7/10): a song about being hurt till you don’t feel any more so time won’t heal your scars kinda sad

10.The islander (6.5/10): The fifth single i have to say that’s not metal but i like it a lot the lyrics about an old man who lives alone on an island because he’s forgotten by people

11.Last of the wilds (7.5/10): instrumental and a new sound through the album it feels Scottish

12.7 days to the wolves (6/10): pretty normal long song about trying new things to live your life to the fullest nothing special though

13.Meadows of heaven (9/10): My personal favorite in the album it’s perfect musically and Anette’s vocals goes smoothly with the song it’s so moving and uplifting i guess it’s about
loosing something you’ll never get back like your childhood


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