The Frozen Legend

I couldn’t believe my ears when I first heard them , it was called stratosphere starting with an incredible solo making you going mad , I think you don’t know what I m talking about , I m talking about a heavy metal band “STRATOVARIUS ” coming from Helsinki, Finland , formed in 1982 by the drummer Tuomo Lassila
In 1989 they released their first album fright night but it was released after the departure of the original founder of the band , releasing the Twilight Time album in 1992 they established a great fan base in Japan becoming the biggest selling import of the year , Stratovarius consolidated its Japanese popularity with an extensive tour of the country behind 1994’s Dreamspace . After the release of their fifth album The Fourth Dimension , the band renewed itself by vocalist Timo Kotipelto, guitarist Timo Tolkki, bassist Jari Kainulainen (swedish), ex-Yngwie Malmsteen keyboardist Jens Johanssen, and drummer Jorg Michael (german) joining the band . Ater that the following album “Episode” featured a large choir and a string Orchestra . In 2003 the band reached its peak of their progressive and symphonic meta by releasing their legendary tenth (two suited albums) , Elements, after the success of part 1 they starting their world tour followed by the release of the second part. But on the same year the band broke up, with Timo Kotipelto and Jörg Michael leaving after a very vaguely-explained conflict. Tolkki hired a new singer, Katriina “Miss K” Wiiala, and Anders Johansson of Hammerfall (Jens’ brother) temporarily on drums but the band still had to finish their tour, and while they were touring in Spain , it was announced that Tolkki was stabbed by one of the fans Rock magazines and tabloid papers showed pictures of the stabbed guitarist ,however news started to spread later that the vocals was not stabbed but at the same time Tolkki was hospitalized because of severe mental illness. The rest of 2004 saw almost complete silence from the band. In 2005 the band announced that they are going to re-unite , then the band released their self-titled last album .
After a long period of silence, on March 4, 2008, Timo Tolkki officially stated the break-up of Stratovarius on his site. The band was planning to release a new studio album, codenamed R…. R….., in 2008. however, Tolkki will be releasing the album himself in June 2008, and will be forming a new band around the album, called “Revolution Renaissance.”


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