Jon Oliva’s Pain – Global Warning

global warning

Jon Oliva was the founder of the great savatage with the help of his brother  then after the separation of the band Jon formed with Zachary Stevens another band called “Circle II Circle” the band succeeded but after the release of their first album all the members of the band left, leaving Zachary alone in “Circle II Circle”, Zachary formed “Circle II Circle” again and released recently “delusions of Grandeur” which will be also reviewed later

Jon continues with more success than Zachary releasing “Global Warning” with his band Jon Oliva’s Pain which I’m going to review:

The album is more materialistic it’s about the government, oil and the war but also there’s some songs about a lost friend or a loved one.

1.Global Warning (7.5/10): Symphonic  mostly instrumental great use of keyboards Jon sings in the end of the song saying what are we becoming taking advantage of each other and we are running out of chances.

2.Look at the world (6.5/10): normal song about looking around us to realize what the government made to us we’re all wasted no enough jobs and no money.

3.Adding the cost (7.5/10): the song is strong musically with a good solo  but about the government again he’s saying the government is playing with lives at war millions are crying and dying and nobody to bother.

4.Before I hang (7/10): Jon’s vocals are really strong great use of the guitar about people who are brainwashed and hypnotized by the government small children play with grenades.

5.Firefly (8.5/10):one of my favorite tracks on this album Jon sounds very good on that one the song takes the main theme of the album War everyone is feeling unsafe because of terrorism and war no one is able to solve the world’s problems and a lot of victims have paid the price.

6.Master (7/10): A new sound the song is about computers and how it controls the life of humans I guess no metal singer before sang about computers anyway in that song Oliva’s voice was computerized to sound as a robot.

7.The Ride (6/10): I can’t get the idea of that one maybe it’s about some kind of drug or leaving where you are and finding a better place but always people will resent you .

8.O to G (8/10): A different song from the main theme of the album about a loved person who left ,life never makes and after time life moves on and you think about that person less frequently but deep in your heart you feel you are going to see him in heaven sense the shortest song on the album

9.Walk upon the water (7.5/10): expressing his feeling of confusion he’s somewhere he can’t recognize then he knows that’s just life and he’s going to be alright he just needs to know how to play the game of life

10.Stories (5.5/10): he’s talking about propaganda and the stories and lies we see on our TV and in our magazines and he thinks we should get down and pray god for forgiveness.

11.Open Your eyes (8/10): Great use of the piano and good vocals a about opening our eyes to what the government is doing they are playing with our lives just for their interests.

12.You never know (7/10): Strong song and a fine solo about people who are only seeking more power and you will never know if they are your friends or enemies.

13.Someone/souls (8/10): very good song about living you life alone but always people have something to say about your life but you don’t care for what people say you just want to leave it all and go away I love the solo.


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