Mission Metallica new video

mission metallica

mission metallica has just posted a new 3 minutes video of them working in their studio on the highly anticipated 9th album i don’t know what are they thinking of maybe they’ll do like NIN and released the entire album online the site says the updates and lyrics will be released through the site not a bad idea anyway can’t wait for their album cause i know it gonna rock

visit missionmetallica.com for more updates


3 Responses to “Mission Metallica new video”

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  2. thank you all the band for bringing another album into my collection I have a big collage made up for me is so special I been listening to you guys (metallica) since I was in middle school its been 16 years and I’m so happy keep up the good work I been listening to 98 KUPD in arizona and 106.7 KROQ in los angeles thanks again for being part of my life you the band sure ROCK YOU GUYS KICK AZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. yo guys thx a lot for the new album 15 years old and been hearing u sense i was a baby my mom went to one of your concerts and got a CD now i listen to you all the tim

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