Marilyn Manson New Album

Marilyn Manson along with Chris Vrenna and Ginger Fish, are working on Manson’s seventh album planned for a late 2008 release! Great news as Vrenna, Ramirez and Manson’s previous works together fit amazingly well.

Manson described the new album as, “very ruthless, very heavy, and very violent.”

Kerry King, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs as likely contributors.

the album is set to be released at the end of 2008

i’m so happy marilyn manson is already working on the new album and i guess we gonna hear something new as twiggy is reunited again





15 Responses to “Marilyn Manson New Album”

  1. Marilyn is a loser..album failure soooooon 😀

  2. shehab6003 Says:

    Marilyn manson is one of the most talented artists out there his albums are awesome !!!!

  3. btw ur soo rude..i wont reply on ur filthy words

  4. Shehab…eh el comment el sadema dy 😛 malhash lazma asasan

  5. Mr King Says:

    Manson will never die!! he should be the god damn ruler of the world!!!!
    And i rate is new album, not the best but it still rockz

  6. miss murder Says:

    i think hes hot…..

  7. He is my idol ❤ I love him… he’s so hot…….

  8. Fucking idiot who says he is a freak etc, FUCKING THROW YOURSELF IN THE WALL MANSON RULES <333333

    Come on… Go and screw yourself.

  9. lost engineer Says:

    3azizy shehab
    Marilyn Manson New Album
    we7sh bs el site gameeeeeeeeeeed mooooooooooooooot ya shehab
    wl loon el aswed 7lo we el site 7elw
    yalla b2a kfai2 kda w2flo 🙂

  10. He isnt just an idiot…hes a freakin actor…he gains a lot of money and belives in nothing he says fuck u die with ur freakin nickname and fuck all goths go to hell

  11. ah and fuck this blog too 😀

  12. Mara Gheorghiu Says:


  13. Hussein….shut the FUCK UP!

  14. I wont Shut up until u all get ur medication…. you freak

  15. I think the people who are saying he is a scam artist actor need to take a look around and see that most of everyone puts out their talents and opinions to get a rise out of people, so it’s not that big of a deal. But to say that he doesn’t believe in what he is saying seems impossible .. how else could somebody go for years saying the same thing and bravely going against mobs of angry people when they don’t believe a word of it?
    I believe that people would not be able to relate to him if they could see that he was lying.

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