Slipknot new Masks Who Cares ?

slipknot are changing their masks again i guess they need the attention and more publicity for the new album i honestly don’t care about their looks i only care about good music.  the new masks are available through Spinner

maybe they wear masks cause they aren’t self confident enough



6 Responses to “Slipknot new Masks Who Cares ?”

  1. So… if you don’t care about their masks why bother with this post?
    this msg is just to let you know that i’m stumbling it as negative

  2. shehab6003 Says:

    this blog is supposed to cover most of the metal updates and since i’m the writer i have the right to say mu own opinion as well as u got the right to comment and i got the right to delete it have a nice day 🙂

  3. OMFG! Ur Tarded… The reason they wair the masks is becuase they dont want ppl worrying about their works so they care about the music… I believe it was Corey that said that… But yeah… that’s why Shawn thought about wearing the masks…

    <<33 I love ignorant ppl.. I really do… -.- <<<333

    — Tis Muhah–

  4. shehab6003 Says:

    Tis ur just a blinded fan cause if they were not wearing masks for attention why would they change them with the release of the new album and they wouldnt release their pics exclusively on certain web sites u sound like a 12 year old please grow up

  5. you no there mask should not be your concern. they dont need the media attention. ne thing corry touches turns to gold let us recap shall we. lead singer of three bands all on the radio, all making hits. well thats all i needed to say

  6. Stupid masks and a stupid blog :S. Shehab6003 is a dictator he dont want you to disagree pls close this fuckin blog now!!!!

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