Alice in chains new album

The band are set to record their first new album in 13 years.

Alice In Chains are set to record a brand new studio album for the first time in 13 years with recording set to take place next month.

An online posting by a man known only as The Baldy (whose job is to report on all things AIC to the band’s webmaster), has said: “the guys gathered in a rehearsal studio in North Hollywood for the last few days of July and the first few days of August, and began running through the new material and shaking off the rust. After four days of going through the songs alone, the producer for the upcoming record joined the guys and they spent another three days polishing and spit-shining the songs together. A lot was accomplished in that week, and everyone is eager to move forward.”

This album will mark the debut of frontman William DuVall and the first album that the band have recorded since the death of Layne Stayley some six years ago.

Source : Metal hammer


One Response to “Alice in chains new album”

  1. residentslavex Says:

    yes this is a true fect they are getting back together and are working on a new album, the bands amazing and will have alot of sales

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